Memoirs collected in the workshop “The story of my life”

 “Cancer mortality in El Campo de Gibraltar. Social environment, the keystone“, by Antonio Escolar Pujolar (1), and “Road to Gibraltar; dependence and livelihood in La Línea and Gibraltar”, by Beatriz Díaz Martínez (2). Published by Provincial Health Board (Cádiz), Junta de Andalucía. Sevilla, 2011.


A rosebush of tiny flowers“. Repression and Survival in Los Barrios (El Campo de Gibraltar), 2011.

Portada Libro El Olor de la Hierbabuena

The smell of mint leaves; European Immigrants in Morocco” (2009).

Portada Libro Memorias de Seis Mujeres

Hunger, thank God, never struck us”. Memoirs of six women from Facinas and Tarifa (2008).



Memoirs collected by request of their protagonists 

Portada libro Memoria de Juan Quero

I was lucky enough to live those times”. Memoirs of Juan Quero; farmer, shepherd and writer (2007).

 CUBIERTATESON“Perseverance Street”. Memoirs of Diego García Cháves, business man from Chiclana (Cádiz),  (2009).

Precedent books are available at bookstores in El Campo de Gibraltar, Sevilla, Madrid and Bilbao; or you can also contact Breogan or Atrapasueños distributors, or me at

Emigration testimonies

A series of in-depth interviews, promoted and published by Asociación Munduko Emakumeak – Women of the World, Bilbao. If interested in them, please write at

PortadaMarta“I came searching for my father’s roots”. Marta Eugenia, from Argentina to the Basque Country (2003)


“The worst: to be orphan of country”. Esperanza, Angolan refugee in Zaire (2005) 


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