We encourage you to collect your memories or those of someone close to you.

 Write. Record yourself. Record that elderly relative, or that friend who likes so much to talk about her past. If you know her and you trust each other, you may also know what will be of importance and it won’t be difficult to formulate the questions. You can talk in a relaxed atmosphere.

To collect a Story of Life is an almost never-ending work. You can go more or less deeper,  you can add and weave stories of her relatives… It is you and the protagonist who will put the limits, to the extent of your abilities and motivations. Be convinced that it will be very rewarding and that, no matter what information you may gather, you shall end with an exciting, deep and touching story… 

Once you have a recording, that part of the protagonist’s history won’t be lost, even if a long time passes until someone gives it shape and distribution. The recording will be the irreplaceable starting point for later developing their Memoirs. 

Consider leaving a copy of the recording in a local archive. Examples of some archives are: Ahoa website, the “Andalusian Heritage of Oral Memory” and “The Spanish Civil War Memory”.

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