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“Cancer mortality in El Campo de Gibraltar. Social environment, the keystone”, by Antonio Escolar Pujolar, and “Road to Gibraltar; dependence and livelihood in La Línea and Gibraltar”, by Beatriz Díaz Martínez.

Research results for “Cancer mortality in El Campo de Gibraltar, looking into the past to explain the present”, whose principal investigator is Antonio Escolar Pujolar (University Hospital Puerta del Mar, Epidemiology). It has been funded by the Public Health General Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Junta de Andalucía.


Also in Internet   1. Social environment, the keystone    2. Road to Gibraltar

1. Social environment, the keystone

2. Road to Gibraltar

The daily paper [link blocked thanks to AEDE Spanish tax]and the bulletin La Línea Digital report on the presentation of the book in La Linea, January 31, 2012.[slideshow id=4]Circulation of the book is free. It has been sponsored by Provincial Health Board (Cádiz), and distributed among project partners, researchers, public facilities and local groups.

Available at:

  • Public libraries and Health Centers of each municipality.
  • Day centers, Social Center ‘La Cátedra’ and Center for Adults in La Línea.
  • ASCTEG and Mar del Sur, local Associations in La Línea.
  • Agaden (Algeciras), Verdemar, and Ecologists in Action (Cádiz).
  • Library of the Strait (Fundación Dos Orillas, Kursaal), Algeciras.
  • Cervantes Institute in Gibraltar.
  • Aljibe School (San Pablo de Buceite), Hozgarganta High Shool and Xemina Adult Education Center (Jimena de la Frontera).

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