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Repression and Survival in Los Barrios (El Campo de Gibraltar – Spain)

“Un rosal de flores chiquititas”. THIS BOOK COLLECTS IN DEPTH TESTIMONIES OF SEVERAL ELDERS FROM “LOS BARRIOS”.  Summer 1936. In villages recently occupied by Franco’s troops has just began a harsh crackdown on those who were committed with social change. During the following decades, hunger, disease, indiscriminate repression and intense fight against the anti-Franco guerrilla caused great suffering and resulted in countless broken and ruined families. Five people have participated in a workshop in Los Barrios (Cádiz – Spain) entitled “Reclaiming Our Memory”, coordinated by the book’s author, Beatriz Díaz.

Miguel Villatoro, Juan Montedeoca, Pepa Acosta, Juan Lobato and Nicolás Zamora -privileged observers of the country people’s hard life- were peasants, charcoal and cork workers, farmers or smugglers. The discussions and readings in the intimacy of the group allowed memories to come out and to put order in them- Allowed to remember the loved ones, to understand and express their own pain and anger. Dates, places, events… Why the Republican’s son changed his cloths for the Falangist’s (Spanish fascist party) uniform? Should we talk names of perpetrators? The debates aroused in this workshop are examples of the social reality we live in Spain. When our word was silenced, they prevented us from assimilating this part of our history.

Foreword by historian José Luis Gutiérrez Molina.

Includes methodological introduction, more than one hundred photographs, color maps, local lexicon and comprehensive onomastic index. 344 pages.

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