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The smell of mint leaves

European Migrants in Morocco. Colección Diálogo de Memorias. Diputación de Cádiz, 2009.

“I am descendant of Italians, of French education and I live in Spain, but I have the mentality of Europeans who were born in Morocco. At heart, I am Moroccan”. This is the final closure of Michelle Cases’ testimony, one of the eight protagonists of this book, born in Morocco in the times of French protectorate. Their families had immigrated to Morocco from Sicily, Portugal or Spain. In their new host country they learned of progress in times of change, of coexistence between cultures and religions, and of silent war and imprisonment. In spite of this, they still long for the smell of peppermint and they live their experience as a real privilege. Their intertwined stories place us close and with rigor in the social and historical context of European migration in Morocco.

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