Here you will find information on my research and work on Oral Memory:

  • Writings based on Immigrants Voices, in Bilbao-Northern Spain  (Voices)
  • Workshop “The Story of My Life”  (Workshops)
  • Collecting memories both in private and in groups  (Remembering)
  • Proposals and suggestions for collecting Memories  (Doityourself)
  • Notes and quotes about my current work  (Whereabouts)

I almost forgot…! My name is Beatriz Díaz Martínez. My parents are from Andalusia (Southern Spain) and La Alcarria (Spanish Castilla). I have lived in Madrid, San Salvador (El Salvador), Cifuentes, Bilbao and Casablanca (Morocco); at the moment, I am based in Tarifa, in Spain.

If you want, you can contact me at this address: beatrizlalombriz@gmail.com