I started to channel my passion for research towards gathering and bringing out to light people’s voices in their own words. It was an imperative need arising from the immediate reality that I was experiencing in my neighbourhood: San Francisco (Bilbao), a marginal area with a majority of immigrants. My daily neighbour relations and my involvement in social grass roots organizations became the way to touch this reality.

1. I did my first work on immigration with Mari Luz Esteban Galarza, as part of a training for people working in grass roots organizations for immigrants. The results of a small participatory research were published in 1996 by the Bilbao EDE Foundation: Health of immigrants in San Francisco (Bilbao) and a small book entitled From Getting Closer, to Action.

I printed in my own memory and on paper their VOICES. And with the invaluable support of the Likiniano Collective, these notes would later take form in several publications.

2. On immigrants daily life: All Niger No Same (1997). Virus Editorial and Likiniano Elkartea.

3. On police abuse (in conjunction with the Basque Ombudsman and Javier Fantova Azkoaga): The Color of Suspicion (1998). Self publishing.

4. On informal support networks among people who know each other, which allows them to get ahead when they migrate (Informal Support Networks among emigrants): The Invisible Help (1999). Likiniano Elkartea.

5. On women traffic and prostitution; African Women Experiencies (2003). Likiniano, the anthropologist Laura Agustín and I, gathered efforts to publish this book.

6. ‘And so, we understand one another’, languages and communication in the context of migration (2004). Likiniano Elkartea and Traficantes de Sueños. This book was born from an article I wrote while working at a phone booth stand for immigrants in my neighborhood. The first version was published  in Basque language in the journal Zenbat Gara: Hitz egin, elkar ulertu, San Frantziskon bizi. Some reviews:

  • Overview by Marc Sabadí (UAB) in Papeles (English)
  • Hundred languages and it is not Babel, Julio Flor (Spanish)
  • Faces and Feelings of Languages, Xavier Laborda (UB) (Spanish)

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