My work in this area began in the field of Health Promotion: training for Health Promoters in communities displaced by war in El Salvador (Central America); Health Education workshops in schools and therapeutic centers (Bilbao); and training in Health Promotion for volunteers that worked in organizations supporting immigrants (through the EDE Foundation, Bilbao). 

While living in San Francisco, a popular neighborhood in Bilbao, I participated in various ways in voluntary initiatives to support immigrants. I helped in the seminar “Learning how to give talks”; I taught workshops on “Spanish for Immigrants” at Centers for Adults; I participated in Conferences on School and Immigration, and in Workshops on Health and Culture, and Immigrant Women.

 When I arrived to Campo de Gibraltar (Cádiz), my grandparents land on my father’s side, I decided to collect testimonies of life that would reflect the history and sociology of this region. Juan Quero González was the first person that accepted my proposal. 

Parallel to my weekly visits to Juan’s home in Facinas, I launched in Tarifa the Workshop “The Story of My Life”, so people interested in collecting their memories could do it in the frame of a working group that I would coordinate. This is how it works: With every oral and written contribution collected in successive work sessions, we develop and we publish a short story. This publication is distributed among the participant’s family and community aiming to promote reflection on the role of people in social changes as well as and on the little known aspects of their local history.

Workshops in El Campo de Gibraltar

1. In Adult Centers in Facinas and Tarifa (2004 to 2006). Here we can see the Protagonists in Facinas presenting their notebooks, and pieces of their stories.

2. At the San José Elderly Home, Tarifa (2005-2006). The Protagonists in Tarifa speak.

3. In Tarifa, with European immigrants born in Morocco (2006-2007). Canal Sur Radio made an interesting interview: Italian, Portuguese and Spanish in Fedala and Casablanca.

4. In Los Barrios, Recuperating Our Memory Workshop (2008-2009). SOme articles were published: Five elders write down their memories, a visit to [link blocked thanks to AEDE Spanish tax], retaliated, and about Pepa Acosta, one of the protagonists.

5. In La Línea (next to Gibraltar): Looking to the Past to Explain the Present Workshop (2010-2011). As part of the activities we walked around Gibraltar to identify the Places in our Working Life Memory.

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